Historian’s Connect exists to educate on the narrative of African American history and culture by uncovering truth via books, articles, events,  media, and collaborating with historians.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between African-American culture and black history by preserving the legacies of African Americans, debunking myths, defining black excellence, while rewriting the narrative of African American history, by educating, empowering, and elevating communities in which we serve. 

About the Founder

Brittany Wilkins

Executive Herstorian/Founder

Brittany created Historian’s Connect because she wanted to live for a purpose greater than self. Now, as a successful female engineer by trade, she has been able to succeed in a predominantly male-dominated field. 

Through research, she discovered how past African-Americans progressed and made contributions to the STEM fields. While exploring many different cultural education events, she gained a newfound perspective on how the future can only be created by studying the past.

History has inspired Brittany to Create her legacy. She became the 1st African American process engineer in her company’s powder coating division, she is currently working on her first patent, and history has been her guiding light in innovating, as her ancestors did. 

Determined to leave her mark on the world, she wants to help others succeed. The marathon continues as she works to pass the baton to future generations. 



At Historian’s Connect, we believe in each one and teach one. We encourage a palette of talent that will help us elevate a sense of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-purpose in African American communities across the world. Together we can liberate the minds of African-Americans as we aspire for greatness. 

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