Nipsey Hussle’s Investment in STEM Education

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Running through this life like it were mine, never settling but setting every goal high.

Nipsey  Hussle believed in the power of community. This belief stemmed from him knowing the history of his people.

His goal was to  “buy back the block” and transition Saluson Ave to becoming black wall street 2.0. In the early 20th century black wall street was a community of African-American businesses located in Tulsa,Oklahoma. African-Americans could shop and eat within their own communities. More importantly Black Wall Street gave our culture a piece of the American dream of owning assets. Nipsey knew the challenges but he chose to run the marathon anyway.

Many were big fans of his music. Deemed a prophet of using his lyrics to paint pictures of inspiration, hope, and empowerment for his fans. It was not the music that led me to becoming a fan of his. I loved his STEM initiative on providing access to minorities in learning technology.

Before his passing, I was struggling trying to find my place in the STEM community. There are so many great programs dedicated to increasing the representation of minorities in STEM.  How was I going to brand Engineering Empowerment Foundation to be different? I had no clear vision, on how my non-profit could be different. I stopped working on the strategic plan up until his passing.

Social media was bombarded by his quotes, music, and interviews.  All I kept hearing was the marathon continues! In one his interviews he explained how he refused to quit on his goals, no matter his emotions. I was saddened by his passing, but it inspired me to pick the baton back up and run my race.

I asked myself what race was I going to run in the STEM community? After reading, reflecting, and hitting the reset button I started seeing a vision.

Historians Connect was created from the vision. History education is what is missing from many STEM curriculum’s.  African-American students have not been  able to identify themselves as engineers and tech innovators without role models. History provides many role models of African American scientists, engineers, and inventors.  We must educate on these notable individuals.

My marathon is educating the community on black history. This is not the textbook history, that many already know.  I am just not honoring Nipsey Hussle’s legacy, but the legacy of my ancestors. The race is not always given to the swift, but those who endure to the end.  Preparing for that victory lap!

At Historians Connect, we are committed to the process of excellence!

Join us in the race to bridge the gap between African-American history and culture.

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