Top Reasons to Learn Black History

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Black History is American History

It was colonialism that disrupted the progress and advancement of African Civilization. Systemic oppression cut off the black race from it’s roots. The authors of our history wrote a narrative about Africans from the events that transpired from the slave trade.

Who were Africans before the slave trade?

There are parts of black history that have been left untold. Without knowledge of our history we cannot press forward. For us to bridge the gap, the Sankofa bird can not just be a cultural symbol. As a race we must embody what the  Sankofa bird symbolizes  by taking actionable steps in going back to recover, reclaim, and restore black history.

Here are reasons to learn black history:

  1. If you believe black history begins with slavery. “Our history did not begin in chains and will not end in chains.”
  2. If you believe Wakanda is a real African country. Think on this if Wakanda was a real African country that produced verbatim, what region of Africa would Wakanda be located in?
  3. If you cannot name ten or more African countries without googling it. Here’s a tip begin by creating a story or acronym to memorize a few countries.  BLACK SUCCESS!
    • Botswana
    • Liberia
    • Algeria
    • Congo
    • Kenya
    • Senegal
    • Uganda
    • Cameroon
    • Chad
    • Egypt
    • Somalia
    • Seychelles
  4. If you believe Kalahari is just only an African themed waterpark and not a desert. Kalahari is a large semi-arid desert located in Southern Africa covering much of Botswana, parts of Namibia, and South Africa.
  5. If you only watch movies to learn black history. Hollywood’s goal is to entertain not educate.
  6. If you cannot name an historical event before 1960. Black history stretches beyond the Civil Rights Movement, the March on Washington, and the Black Panther Party Movement.

The time is NOW. No Opportunity Wasted to turn the page, sharpen our pencils, and begin to write a different black history. Learn, Explore, and Create history with us!

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