Malcolm X-The journey from the hood to the holy city of Mecca

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“ I think that the pilgrimage to Mecca broadened my scope probably more in twelve days than my previous experience during my thirty-nine years on this earth.”

~Malcom X, the Barry Gray Show July 11, 1964

On this day May 19, 1925 Malcom Little better known as Malcom X was born.  The black liberation struggle solidified Malcolm X’s legacy as he worked tirelessly to change the plight of African Americans around the world. So how does a street hustling drug addict, become one of the most influential thought leaders for the generations of the past, present, and future? The answer is transformation. Throughout his life he had gone through a series of phases.  The human rights activist prison  sentence was a turning point in his life where he got introduced to Allah and the religion of Islam. He entered prison a troubled man, but left an inspired man ready to take on the world in fighting for the betterment of his people.

The Coin: Black History on the Other Side podcast discuss Malcolm X journey from the hood to the holy city of Mecca. Listen here to the full episode

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