The Door of Return-Going Back to Reclaim Black History

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“Return and Get It, learning from the past utilizing the wisdom of the past to build the future.”

The transatlantic slave trade was the greatest disruptor to the advancement and progress of African civilization. Africa was robbed of her natural resources, exploited for capitalistic gain, and her people were broken, beaten, and stolen from their native land. A new history was written dehumanizing the African to a mere savage and primitive Negro. Africa’s natives were led through the door of no return, forever changing the course of their destiny.
Who am I? Inquiries the Negro race. No identity to connect me to my race. American history has hidden the true identity of the black race within the ruins. American history has re-written the history of Africa and its people all across the world.

For such a time has come to learn, explore, and create the new century black history books. A book written by its people for its people. The African kingdoms have names of the great black rulers. The pyramids have engineers built by skillful black people. This is the story we shall tell.

The Door of No Return, is more than just a memorial. It’s a pathway for us to return through the door to reclaim a rich history of accomplishments. We must focus on the journey back through of the door of return. The journey begins here learning a new perspective on black history and culture to bridge the gap.

Visit Historians Connect YouTube channel. Share the Animated History of the Door of Return to Black History to educate, empower, and elevate the African-American race to press forward in the midst of the struggle.




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