The Story of the Moors in Spain

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The racial classification system of Africans has been

In ancient times we were known as Ethiopians.

In medieval times we were known as Moors.

In modern times we became NEGROS.

The word Negro comes from the Latin word niger meaning black. This term was manufactured in the Atlantic slave trade.  Africans were downgraded to slaves and became known as backward people.

In the 7th century, history tells a different narrative of the black race. In medieval times Africans were referred to as Moors. They were classified as progressive group of people implementing social reform on various liberal ideas.

It was through invasion and war that the moors conquered Spain under General Tarik in 708 A.D. Black men not only ruled Spain, but they developed culture and community. It is not enough just to have dominion and power, but it’s what you do with it that makes a difference.  The story of the moors in Spain debunks the myth of Africans having no contribution to the development of civilization.

Most notable contribution of the Moors in Spain include

  • Irrigation systems developed by Moorish engineers
  • Introduced the manufacture of gun powder in Europe
  • Established the silk industry
  • Development of calendar system
  • Made strides in  astronomy, chemistry, physics, and mathematics through its universities and libraries

After reading the history of the moors in Spain, it left me wanting more. History has failed to tell us how the moors learned about science and mathematics. What gave them this knowledge? This is the very knowledge we need in modern times to become progressive people.  We should not only praise their achievements, but do the work to learn, explore, and re-create the Moorish learning manuscripts.

History of the Moors in Spain has shed little light on how their journey is similar to the Israelite’s in the Bible. Inquiring minds want to know are the moors and the Israelite’s the same people who found the Promised Land.

Parallels between African History & the Bible


Categories : People: Moors People: Israelite’s
Origin of Roots: North Africa(Egypt) Egypt
Race : Black Black
Religion: Islam Christianity
Migrated To: Iberian Peninsula Promised Land
Purpose : General Roderick from Spain had a meeting with Governor Musa about a land filled with milk and honey. Tarik invaded and fought to conquer regions of Spain in Iberian Peninsula. Iberian Peninsula sits on body of water on mountain and hills God appointed Moses to lead people to promise land flowing with milk and honey. Bible does not pinpoint the exact location. Study the journey Israelite’s had to invade and destroy places on high mountains and hills to possess it(Deuteronomy 12)
Origin of story: Written by man Written by man

After doing this initial analysis, it has led me to believe Black history is not lost. It is all around us, but we must read between the lines.  African-Americans may never conqueror Spain again. We can use their journey to build racial esteem within the race. We don’t have to go to Spain or any country to re-build civilization.  We can start from where we are and use the lessons of ancestors to build our history one brick at a time.


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