Unifying the Black Race Beyond Protests

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In God’s eyes, African Americans were born Homo sapiens. In spirituality God created all men to be equal.  Carnality of power, politics, and money created only one superior race. Harsh reality is BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER, in the eyes of the oppressor. We stop mattering when the Europeans invaded Africa. Our ancestors became captive. Africans became branded as products to boost capitalism.


Emotional scars and deep wounds of slavery have never healed. Systematic oppression and racism keeps the wounds fresh. History has taught us to SPEAK OUT. Go March and make your voice heard. Protest for equality. If this strategy did not work in the civil right era, what makes us think it will work now?


The protests are only step one toward progressive change. America cannot be fixed. Black community is powerless. The greatest asset in our communities is our school systems. This asset continues to depreciate the minds of our youth with mis-educated ideologies and false narratives.  Political structure is weak. Who is really fighting for us? The voices of influence continue to profit off black people’s struggle.  Capital is low, as access to funding to build community programs without political interference is hard to gain.


When a system does not work for you, build a new system. The new system will have to be built from within the African American Enterprise System. Unifying the black race is a process. We talk about everything that is wrong with white America.  What is wrong with black America? Black prejudices exist. Black terrorism exist. We kill our own brothers and sisters with no regard for human life.


The process to unify the black race start with the following:

  1. Accountability-If black lives matter, then black on black crime needs to stop.
  2. Organization -Prioritize what is important. Culture has us tik toking, doing chicken sandwich challenges, and being in a constant state of entertainment. There is a time to work and there is a time to play.
  3. Strategy-Being present when and where it matters most. Go vote! Show up to parent teacher conference.
  4. Analysis-Studying the barriers toward progress. Utilize data to measure what is effective. We have to stop responding out of emotion. Thousands of marches and we are still in the same place.
  5. Improvement-Teaching each other how to fish, so that communities become better.
  6. Sustainability-Black progress is more than a movement. It must become a lifelong learning endeavor.


Black race must first learn to get out there own way. The system will never do for us until we do for ourselves. It begins with knowledge.  The “right” history must be studied to define the solution. Make the investment in YOU! Learn history beyond the civil rights movement.




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