The African Origin of Civilization

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The two most important days in the black race life are learning the origin of their roots and their purpose in developing civilization.

For centuries the black race has been in search of establishing connections to its homeland.  In the beginning, the cradle of civilization began in Africa.  The Origin of race is believed to have begun in Egypt. Ethnic identity of the Egyptians has been a long standing debate filled with controversy. Modern day art, literature, and history describes the Egyptians as being dark red people or reddish in color with straight hair. African origin of civilization paints a different picture of Egyptians. Egyptians are described as being black face, wide nose with wholly hair.  These characteristic traits conclude that the Egyptians were black.


Did God create the first human being to be black? The colonizer has told us otherwise. Clearly this hypothesis does not fit into the scope of dominion and power held by Europeans. As the controlling racial authority, anything non-western are ambiguous falsified claims against the western institution system. The origin of black Africa and its influences have been investigated and researched into four elements scholarly, spiritually, socially, and scientifically.



Greek scholars and philosophers were taught by Egyptians. 

African origin of civilization has been claimed by the Father of History. Herodotus visited Egypt in the 5th century and observed the people of the land as dark skin with wholly hair. Greece borrowed from Egypt all the elements of her civilization including the cult of Gods. Another student of Egyptian teaching was Pythagoras. Pythagoras is credited for many mathematical and scientific discoveries. All discoveries start with fundamental knowledge of learning. Pythagoras theorem A²+B²=C² can be best understand in classifying triangles. One of the greatest architectural monuments in history are the pyramids. Building blocks and mounds form a triangular pyramid.  Could it be that the development of mathematical equations were derived from the blueprint of Egyptian mathematics? Everything that we experience is our teacher. Exposure to a different style of learning and thinking can inspire one to invent from external influences. “Today when authors collaborate, the credit for their work in common is shared equally. I fail to see why Ancient Greece should reap all the honor for ideas she borrowed from Egypt. Emotion is Negro and reason is Greek. Black people have been described as savages and primitive. Interestingly enough the Father of History comes to Africa to learn from the Egyptians. Why?



Let My People Go ~Moses

Biblical ties to the origin of African civilization are in relation to the descendants of HAM. Curse be Canaan, a servant of servant shall he be unto his brethren and blessed be the Lord of God of Shem, and Canaan shall be his servant. Ham failed to shield Noah in his drunken state, a curse was spoken over him and his descendants. The generational curse led to the enslavement and oppression for four hundred years. Moses was called to lead the Israelites to freedom .What race of people have been enslaved for 400 years?


Culture is an art of expression through language, customs, and religions. The reverence and worship for a God deity various per religion. Egyptians and Dogon shared a similar deity, the serpent. Symbolic meaning of the serpent is one who dances in the dark. Historically the serpent is worshipped as a God, but biblical the serpent has symbolized the fall of (wo) man into sin.

In ancient times ritualistic killings of the Monarch were customs. Egyptian King was not supposed to reign unless he was in good health. When a King strength declined he was put to death. Cultural mindset transformation shifted this ritual killing into a more symbolic meaning. Sed Festival originated where the Monarch was rejuvenated by the opinion of his people and was deemed fit to assume functions. Black kingdoms adopted this ritual. Could it be that the migration of people across the continent lead to  implementing  customs from one’s native land.



What gets measured, get’s done~Deming

Observations alone cannot validate theories and hypothesis. Data analysis and statistics is a means of accepting or rejecting the hypothesis based off experimental studies. Studying the characteristics of the genetic makeup of people pin points us to the origin of civilization. Anatomy of the skull led to the classification of Negroid vs Non-Negroid characteristics. Negro factors part of the analyzation were facial index and nasal index. A facial index less than fifty four with a nasal index greater than 50 led to the skull being classified as Negro with low broad face and wide nose. Studies concluded that 24% of the skulls belonged to men, while 19% of the skull belonged to woman falling into the Negroid category. Melanin dosage test were performed on royal mummies to determine pigmentation levels in the mummies. Can the data be trusted to validate the hypothesis that the ancient Egyptians were black?


Civilizations can be influenced scholastically, spiritually, socially, and scientifically. One’s way of living can be inspired from various aspects. In regards to the origin of civilization is it a myth or reality? It depends on who telling the narrative.


Historical prejudices have led to color bias of races that originally civilized humanity. If the motive is racial superiority, the African origin of civilization is a myth. The wheel of African history will continue to be reinvented. Such is the case with Egyptology. Founded on the premise to destroy Negro Egypt. White scholars and historians have rejected Herodotus claims about Egyptians. As they feel belief in characteristics alone cannons define or determine a race. Why devalue the intellect of the “Father of History”? As Herodotus has established the foundation of history for the Greeks to build from, not to reject it.


If not by physical attributes, then how do we define the black race?


If the African origin of civilization is a reality. One must embrace the origin of their culture, learn the history of ancient Egypt and build a modern culture off that foundation. As Diop best stated the history of Black Africa will remain suspended in the air and cannot be written correctly until African historians dare to connect with the history of Egypt.  History needs a fresh set of eyes for cultural study and analysis, as one man’s work serves as the starting point to add in links that connect the black race to its origins. Ancestors have done their part, as it is this generation’s time to pick up the pen learning, exploring, and creating in the continuation of writing black history.


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