A Different Black History

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To attempt a presentation of Negro history , or indeed of African/and or black history, in so small a volume is to undertake an impossible task, yet it is a task that must be attempted. J.C. DeGraft-Johnson

Gaps In American History & What We Know Today

    • American History is defined as the key episodes, turning points, and leading figures involved in the constitutional, political, intellectual, diplomatic, and economic history of the United States. In general history can be defined as the logic of man’s own ideas and beliefs
    • The people’s American history of the United States has taught us about
      • Christopher Columbus & the indigenous people
      • American history has taught us about Slavery & emancipation proclamation
      • American history has taught us how Martin Luther King marched   to show us how to stand up for what we believe
      • American history has taught us how Rosa Parks sat to advocate equality
      • American history has taught us how Malcolm X rebelled to show the power of leadership
      • American history has taught us the cruel and inhumane crimes against the African American race with the story of Emmett Till.
    • American history has stood in the way of those seeking to learn the true identity of their  ancestry in identifying with one’s own racial identity giving a sense of racial pride and esteem.
    • Every chapter of American History has told the same story. Stories of events that have burdened us. Stories that have us constantly singing we shall overcame.
  • Path Backward in Advancing Forward
      • To overcome this gap we must follow Sankofa. An African cultural symbol resembling a bird  that symbolizes wisdom and the need to return to and know one’s past to be able to move forward into the future.  Sankofa is the  guide in going  back reclaiming  the history that once was so we begin to see the true essence of ourselves and educate others on who we are without the context of slavery.
      • Freedom is behind us. The Coin is traveling on the Other Side of History bringing forth a different black history not commonly known to be taught.
      • A different black history  that can no longer be Romanized. It is not appealing  that African/and or black history only reference point is slavery. While having a conversation with an individual at a networking event about my podcast  it was recommend as a topic to tell stories about how slave masters slept with African/and or black women. I am not in the business of educating  on toxic history. Furthermore did not understand how that was going to help a race that is seeking freedom.
      • Slavery is not an identity, it is a plight of our ancestors past and the descendants of Africa.
  • The Perception About Africa
      • So much has been written on Africa. J.C De-Graft Johnson writes this “The Thesis that Africa is what western European missionaries, traders, technicians and administrators have made it  to be is comforting to Western Europeans, but is invalid.
      • The Eruption of Western colonizers into Africa with all the effects  of their religion, schools, gin, guns, cotton good, and their system of administration is only an event, though an important event, in the history of African peoples.
  • Mindshift
      • In exploring this new chapter of A Different Black History we must begin by trying to rid our minds of the European preconceptions that have influenced our thinking of the subject of African/and or Black history.
      • This has not been easy as the material we have been exposed to is from a European standpoint.
      • A huge portion of African/black history is missing from American history.
      • He who writes the story controls the narrative.
      • A different black history aims to study African history from a broader view tying together all historical points that have led us to what we currently known, the things we will discover that impacts us in the present.
  • Carrying the Baton
    • I echo the words of J.C DeGraft-Johnson I do not and will not pretend to be one of those African scholars who will one day make the real history of African history available for the whole world to read or listen to. My only desire is to fire the imagination of African scholars, historians, and those seeking to learn about their history who alone can do full justice to the history of the continent of Africa and other parts around the world.
    • I acknowledge and recognize this is no easy task in writing this new chapter.
    • I am committed to running the race, carrying the baton handed down by J.C Degraft, Ivan Van Sertima, John Henrik Clarke, Cheik Diop, Runoko Rashidi, and so many more.



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